What is the New Reactor HVX?

ReactorHVX is a dual voltage regulator and power bus system designed to operate flight systems and servos of high-performance helicopters, UAVs, and R/C aircraft.

The challenge of any R/C power system is to supply unrestricted current to hard-working servos with the lowest resistance possible.  Typical direct 2s Li-PO battery setups lack properly sized wiring and connections that the latest HV servos demand.  These marginal setups often rely on a single connector rated for barely 3 Amps -- one HV servo alone can draw more than 3 Amps!  HVX remedies poor power setups by featuring two independent voltage busses and redundant receiver power connections eliminating possible brown-outs and bad connections.  HVX allows over 25 Amps of current draw and simultaneously powers servos anywhere from 5.2V up to 9.0v lightning fast overdrive!  By using 3s Li-PO input power, receiver and servos alike operate reliably and consistently whether the on-board battery is fully charged or nearly empty.  HVX even allows you to monitor the on-board battery status on your transmitter with built in telemetry functionality!

HVX includes an industry first “Push To Start” intelligent on/off control.  This new fail-safe switch system with never-shut-down technology guarantees peace of mind when flying even the most expensive machines.

Experience a whole new level of amazingly fast response, consistent feel, and piece of mind with HVX.

What Does HVX Do Anyway?

Each flight will feel powerful and have the fastest servo response with HVX.

Standard receiver power setups cannot supply steady voltage during the flight and gets worse as the battery discharges futher.

HVX gives you the edge on performance compared to using a standard 2s LI-PO setup.

Where Does It Go?

The HVX hooks up easily to your aircraft's RC system. Each regulator voltage can be set to any six pre-set values ranging from safe 5.2V for older receivers and servos to 8.4V or even 9.0V hyper-boosting the newest generation HV servos to run at peak performance all the time!!

There are dozens of ways to install and hookup the HVX.  More setup images coming soon!


Always On Fail-Safe

HVX stays ON. While others shut down to save themselves, HVX will continue to power through peaks of current and any flight load you can throw at it. It will even revert to ON if the battery is intermittent!!

The included PTS (push-to-start) system is so robust, that it can be disconnected or even cut in half while powered and still stay on.

Push To Start Intelligent On/Off

Included with every HVX is an industry first, all new Push To Start (PTS) system.  A simple 3 second push turns everything ON, and another to turn OFF.  Even intermittent pushes of vibration will never trigger a false ON/OFF command!!

PTS can be cut, removed, or even fall off and HVX will always stay on.  Mount the PTS anywhere on your model with a 3mm bolt or double-sided tape.

HV Servo Hyper Drive

HVX can drive any servo on the market and then some!  Six pre-set user selectable voltage settings on each regulator side are available to power low voltage servos, brushless servos and HV servos.

HVX can even overdrive HV servos at a constant 8.4V or 9.0V to their ultimate potential in speed and torque (for 3D heli junkies especially)!

Telemetry Live Battery Status

Telemetry is great, but only if it shows the actual battery voltage on the TX screen. HVX has built in Telemetry capability allowing live battery monitoring in flight.

JR radio users with XG series transmitters can enjoy plug and play battery status readout instalntly, whilke Spektrum and other brands can easily adapt to the HVX's battery status output.

6x Ultra Blue Status LEDs

Blue is cool. HVX has six high intensity blue LEDs to show you when it's on and ready.  The PTS switch has two LEDs so system status can be seen wherever mounted.

Plug and Play Ready

Everything is included to hookup HVX. Gold plated large gauge hookup wires with red housings, JR DMSS Telemetry cable, and complete PTS switch system is ready to plug and play.

Easy Touch Setup

Microprocessor controlled pre-set voltage selections are quickly selected and saved.  Set it up anywhere including the R/C field without any USB cables or computers to haul around.

3s Li-PO Optimized

Step up to 3s.  The higher input voltage allows better regulation, and more effecient power consumption.  Because of the higher energy to weight ratio of a 3s battery, a smaller and lighter weight battery can be used. HVX on 3s 1350mah-1500mah battery is enough for even 700 and 800 class helis!

25+ Amp Power Supply

Overkill maybe- but with many servos on the market capable of drawing 3-4 amps under load, wimpy regulators just won't cut it.  25A rating is conservative and rest assured it can even handle peaks in excess.

High Effeciency Regulators

HVX is a completely new design featuring two high-effeciency switching regulators.  Over spec'd and ultra robust makes HVX tough and reliable flight after flight.  Super clean and low ripple output voltages allow servos and sensitive equipment to operate at their best.

Fast Charge Ready

Save time and fast charge at the field.  The charge input cable allows high current charges without having to pull batteries from the model.  Balance the battery every 10 flights or so to keep it in check, but use the charge cable to keep you flying.

Where to Buy

Ask for HVX at your local hobby shop and check our list of online retailers

Direct orders, service and dealer inquiries are welcomed!

For order inquiries please contact us at scott@scottgrayrc.com

Available for $149.95
Ships world wide

Available FEBRUARY 2013


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